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Combined wallpaper in interior design

Wall design wallpaper has long been commonplace. we are trying to give the interior a chic with unusual colors Catching renovated apartments. One of these - the combined use of wallpaper. This product has already become quite popular among the products for wall decor, anyone can buy ready-made combination, relying on your own taste and sense of style.

Combined wallpaper in interior design

The combination of wallpaper in interior

With the combination of wallpaper, you can get a gorgeous color effect. Different colors in some parts of the walls - a good way to divide the room into functional zones. A cleverly chosen combination of colors can easily adjust the shape of the room, or focus on specific details.

Wallpapers, consisting of several variations of colors and patterns, will be a wonderful decoration of the apartment. Unusual bright picture on one wall in combination with the monotonous design of the room - the main trend this year.

Isolation of functional areas

Trendy trend in the zoning premises with decorative accents does not hand over their positions. In order to limit the room at the functionalities of the combined apply wallpaper. This method provides a selection indoor areas to rest and work, emphasizes the main elements of the scenery and creates a stunning effect.

Combined wallpapers are not only used for the design of large areas, but also for the rooms, which size does not allow to roam fantasy. Small room make out in pastel colors to visually little free space. When the design is supposed to use the narrow rooms of contrasting wallpaper.

The combination of wallpapers in the interior

Before you begin to hang the wall, you need to choose the right combination of wallpaper. Variations of colors and a variety of combinations of patterns, but not all of them can be used simultaneously. When choosing wallpaper is worth remembering that the combination must have a common basis. Quite different elements of wall decor will look more tasteless than the original. Therefore, the wallpaper should be characteristic which generalizes them, for example, the same patterns in conjunction with different shades.

When making a laconic and strict interior walls are not decorated with contrasting tones. Wallpaper combined effect is achieved by a plurality of shades of the same color.

A combination of different patterns should be selected in the same color scheme. The best option is considered to be a combination of floral ornaments with imitation wooden walls. A geometry looks great on the background of abstract patterns.