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Design a small bedroom

Bedroom - the one room, the design of which should be to think about very carefully. Since many people have a small living space, even in the bedrooms of the houses appropriate. Of course, do not add extra meters, and the walls are not clean. But despair is not necessary! If you know some tricks, you can even in a small room to arrange dream bedroom.

Design a small bedroom

Instruction design small bedroom

Step 1:

It is not necessary to be a professional designer, you need only go to the creative process of design space. It is necessary to think about what attracted you to design a bedroom. Design options are very much at first is to make a choice, only then should start repair bedrooms.

Step 2:

When decorating the room comes to the rescue color, it allows you to make the room visually more spacious. It is through a properly chosen color scheme can not create the room a feeling of comfort, peace, ease and relaxation. For this purpose, make good use of light colors - from white to beige.

Step 3:

White color in the decoration of the bedroom is rarely used because of its anonymity. Correct the impression you can, if you take more materials of different textures. Game textures make bedroom design not as impersonal and dull.

Step 4:

For example, textured wallpaper or gloss paint can be combined with white veil or a small rug on the floor. Please be aware that products of white color are impractical, the best, choosing interior of the bedroom, to prefer warmer tones.

Step 5:

In addition, to "revive" the white bedroom by adding to the interior of bright decorations. Good will look on the wall Photo executed in a macro style.

Step 6:

When it comes to finishing a small bedroom, you should pay attention to the color transitions from white to orange, no less advantageous to be perceived shift from white to blue. This method will make the room especially elegant.

Step 7:

In a small bedroom floor looks nice contrast, good parquet flooring or dark wood. Such a floor perfectly set off the bright walls make the space more harmonious.

Step 8:

Do not make the ceiling pretentious, do not need to use its stucco finish. Avoid and multilevel designs, better to choose a classic white ceiling.

Step 9:

The design of the bedroom should be simple, but elaborate. Only then the room will be functional. Repair bedroom, if you do not have the proper experience, feel free to be car- ried out to professionals, it will save a lot of trouble.

Step 10:

Interior bedroom small size should not be overloaded with a lot of furniture. Best furniture divided into several sections and distribute them around the room. Choosing cabinets, is to give preference to narrow and high models.

Step 11:

Very well, when the bedroom is decorated with plants. When making a choice, prefer small plants that will not take up much space.