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Four questions that must be answered correctly in the repair

Interior very small and uncomfortable apartment can be comfortable and beautiful. Here are four parameters that are important to consider when repairing.

Four questions that must be answered correctly in the repair

sure to be a well-designed interior:

1. enough space for storage. Warm clothes, working materials, bedding, toys and a variety of collection must be somewhere to be positioned so that they do not catch the eye the owners and guests. And rightly so, because the apartment or room settling down to ordinary people, and not to drive visitors to a museum there lived comfortably.

2. Enough, but not too much furniture and decor. Oversupply, like excessive vanity, they not create an interior, which will just live comfortably. For example, a rich collection of porcelain dogs, placed on all of the free surface will give the impression cluttered room, but too austere interior is not too good.

3. natural. And not just because it is in fashion. Cheap imitation wood, brick, stone, stucco will only appear as an excess of props on the stage of amateur theater. They make the room more closely and do not add solidity.

4. Sufficient lighting. It is no secret that in many homes, even very small, not enough for a comfortable stay only a chandelier on the ceiling. These sconces, floor lamps, table lamps not only help zoned premises, but retain vision. Incidentally, in connection with the placement of additional light sources need to remember and plan the placement of sockets. The number of sockets and location of their placement depends not only on the purpose of the room, but the owners request.