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Growing raspberries remontant. Advantages and disadvantages

Malina ordinary - a biennial plant, whose berries are formed in the second year of life. Remontant raspberries grow and develop fully in a single year, so the crop ripens at the annual shoots.

Growing raspberries remontant. Advantages and disadvantages

Remontant raspberries - a great alternative to the common raspberry. This plant has plenty of advantages that a gardener can get when it is growing. Firstly, as remontant raspberry shoots live the life cycle in just one year, pests and diseases peculiar to plant raspberry ordinary, just once developed here. This is the reason that the fruits have remontant raspberries are never worm-eaten.

Secondly, when the cultivation of raspberries remontant can be sure that in severe winters without snow it is not vymerznut shoots. In late autumn, after the last harvest harvested, shoots of the plant is cut at ground level, so the freeze solid and simply nothing. 

In addition, the shoots of raspberries remontant no need to do pinched. These plants do not grow much, they do not need a trellis or support. 

For the few disadvantages include a more thorough preparation of the soil before planting this crop. Since the plant for one year develops and gives a large harvest of berries, it requires more fertile soil than for the common raspberry. 

Planting remontant raspberries

Preparation of the soil before planting raspberries is: dig a trench or a landing pit, the bottom of which is poured sour peat, humus, compost. All components are mixed and poured. Once the plants are planted, the soil tamped and watered again. Planting remontant raspberries are recommended in the fall. With spring planting there is a risk that not all plants take root. 

Plants are watered in dry weather, and make complex fertilizers. 

By following these simple rules, we can grow remontant raspberries, which will give a lot of big delicious berries.