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Growing tomato seedlings

Tomatoes - the culture of thermophilic, its widely grown through seedlings. Whether in a greenhouse or in open field cultivation further expected to pledge a large harvest is a high-quality tomato seedlings.

Growing tomato seedlings Preparation of seeds

Pets seeds before planting need to be prepared:

- check seeds full weight - soaked in 5% salt solution - the emerged seeds are removed, washed in water settled;

- disinfected in a weak solution of potassium permanganate;

- soaked for 12 hours in a growth stimulator.

 Then germinated seeds in water. In a plate put a wet cloth napkin, laid out in it the seeds, cover, so that the water does not evaporate and leave for a day to swell, and then seeded. When using purchased seed is not necessary to carry out any training and soaking.

Land for seedlings

Sow the seeds in the garden land prepared since autumn, or in the soil mix, which you can buy in a flower shop. Garden soil made from sod of earth and compost, taken in equal proportions. To impart friability added to the soil or peat dust. An excellent additive is coco substrate. Tomatoes grown in coconut, have a strong root system.

You can grow tomatoes in peat pellets, in which case they do not need to swordplay. The tablet, diameter 30 mm are planted with two seeds. When the seedlings grow, they are put in a container of about 0.5 liters.

When planting seedlings

Sowing time - first of March. Seedling period is an average of 50-65 days, 8-10 days, plus the emergence of seedlings. Tomatoes are easy to tolerate transplanting, so it can be sown in boxes with subsequent sparring. Sowing seeds produce a notch to a depth of 0.5-1 cm, then watered abundantly clear and close the hood (glass film) and put in a warm place until germination.

Seedlings appear after about a week, sometimes earlier, the timing depends on the temperature and quality of seeds. When the seedlings boxes should be put on the illuminated cool (14-16 ° C) place. Tomatoes are sensitive to light, so it is advisable to ensure their clock backlight. Once the seedling grows, the temperature should be raised to 18-20 ° C.

Proper seedlings. Care

Seedlings need moderate watering, blackleg may appear when wetting. In stage two true leaves of tomatoes are seated in the cups. Tall varieties are planted on two or three of the root in a single container. When the plants reach 15-20 cm stems of the plant tight tie ropes, after the fusion of their clean. Splice seedlings Method promotes crop.

Fed tomato seedling for the period doubled. The first feeding is carried out 10 days after the pick, use a ready-made complex fertilizer. The second time make fertilizer two weeks after the first. Feeding combined with watering, then slightly loosen the ground. For 1-2 weeks before planting in the soil the plants begin to harden, lower the temperature as far as possible take out into the street. Ready for planting seedlings should be thickened stalk height of 30 cm with 6-8 leaves, short internodes, 1-2 flower brush.