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How can I see ants in the house

There are more than 6000 species of ants. But in an apartment or house can stay only two types - a red home and red ants. Since insects can be carriers of dangerous diseases, due to the fact that the creep in the habitats of mice, rats, and then on the foodstuffs, besides they are very painful bite, ants need to combat by all means available.

How can I see ants in the house

You will need:

- pesticide chalk; - Spray against flying and crawling insects; - boric acid; - Honey; - Sugar; - Minced meat; - Any special tools that are sold in the department of fruit and vegetable garden; - Vinegar; - Tops of tomatoes; - snuff; - Cinnamon; - Wormwood; - Yeast; - Baking powder.

Instruction how to get ants in the house

Step 1:

Fighting ants is aimed at reducing the population of insects appeared, but the main goal - is the destruction of the uterus. If the display only worker ants, will not lead to their complete extermination. Therefore, use of such means which will give a purposeful action, that is, the ants have to bring drugs for destruction at their legs in the nest and feed their main source of the spread of livestock - formic uterus. In one house can live several families of ants, therefore, and queens will be a few, since this kind of insect lives only by their families.

Step 2:

A very effective way to destroy the ants - is the processing of all areas of the fine movement of cockroaches. Buy any piece of chalk, they are sold under various trade names, and densely treat them all the skirting boards, the road to the water wall. If you notice, where there is a nest, spill any of its aerosol against flying or crawling insects.

Step 3:

To the worker ants have brought the means to deal with them in the nest, prepare the solution, mix 500 ml of water with 50 grams of borax, add 2 tablespoons of honey and 300 grams. Sahara. All mix thoroughly and place in a small saucer in all areas of the house. Ants not only naedyatsya themselves, but also bring a sticky solution to the nest, where they were treated to the uterus.

Step 4:

You can also be prepared from a mixture of water, honey, sugar, glycerol and borax. All mixed in equal proportions and spread to the iron lid or shallow saucer. Or, mix 100 gr. minced and 1 teaspoon of borax. In general, borax can be used with virtually any product, you can buy it at a pharmacy.

Step 5:

From folk remedies using garlic, tomato tops, snuff. And cinnamon, vinegar, tarragon, yeast, baking powder. To use these tools simply create odor in the field of movement of an ant, they do not die, but always leave your house or, in extreme cases, at least temporarily.

Step 6:

You can to fight the ants to buy one of the tools that are available in a wide range of products in garden centers and are designed specifically to kill the ants.

Step 7:

In order to prevent the appearance of ants in time to remove the dirty dishes, take out the trash and do not leave food open. Most often, the ants go into the house to the smell of food and settle in it families, and then have worked long and hard to deal with them.