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How clear of silicone

Some surfaces can be quite difficult to clean from silicone. If silicone for long periods on the surface of glass or tile, it soaks deep enough into the structure of the material and is difficult to clean. To clean the surfaces of the silicon required small tweaks.

How clear of silicone

You will need:

The knife, sponge, detergent, acetone, salt

Instruction on how to clean silicone

Step 1:

To get rid of the silicone on the glass surface is first mechanically remove silicone growths. You can use the reverse side of a conventional knife. When working, observe carefully so as not to scratch the surface.

Step 2:

After mechanical cleaning can remain greasy trail. Use a dry sponge for washing dishes and return by her side, equipped with a nap, clean traces of silicone. For greater efficiency, apply to conventional cleaning agent sponge for washing dishes. The more stale are traces of contamination, the longer will be the cleaning process.

Step 3:

Instead of detergent for washing dishes also use glass cleaner. In some cases, this method can cope with silicone residues on smooth and level surfaces significantly better than other means.

Step 4:

If this tool does not help, use acetone to remove traces of silicone. You should be aware of the security measures, work in rubber gloves and protect the respiratory tract from the ingress of acetone vapor.

Step 5:

A further method involves the use of salt, lightly moistened with plain water. Put salt on a clean cloth or pour in a folded in several layers of a piece of gauze. Similarly, a device in the form of a swab, wipe with a little pressure from the contaminated silicone neat place in a circular motion.

Step 6:

In most cases, cleaning the surface of the silicone sealant depends on the quality and purity of the glass prior to its application. With good quality silicone and glass pure enough mechanical purification method. If silicon is held on the glass is very durable, heat the glass up to 400 ° C, after which the silicone decomposes. Decomposition products are relatively easy to remove by conventional cleaning agents.