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How do I attach a photo on the wall

At a time when digital photography has become a very few people engaged in drawing up of bulky photo albums. However, the pictures are still printed out to hang on the wall. Usually before they are placed in this box, similar to those used for paintings.

How do I attach a photo on the wall

Instruction how to attach a photo on the wall

Step 1:

Take two sheets of plexiglass of the same size. They should be a little more than print. Those of them that will facial necessarily quality polish on both sides. To do this, suitable means for polishing the screens of mobile phones. They are sold in the same stores as the spare parts for such phones. Instructions on the use of funds is shown in its packaging.

Step 2:

If the picture is A4 format and printed on thin matte paper, put it in a plastic "file" and then bend the white strip of the sheet so that it could not be seen.

Step 3:

Take a sheet of plexiglass, which will be for printing. Glue thereto several small pieces of double-sided adhesive tape. Strengthen picture strictly in the middle.

Step 4:

Place the top of the second sheet of Plexiglas so that the edges line up exactly with the edges first. Put this "sandwich" on the wooden plank. Drill four drill holes at the corners so that they were out of the picture.

Step 5:

Fasten the sheets together by means of screws, washers and nuts so that the nuts have appeared on the front side. At this stage between the heads of the screws, which are located in the upper part of the "sandwich", attach a piece of steel wire for hanging pictures on the wall.

Step 6:

Samu fabricate the frame from the tree. On the reverse side, drill the four blind holes in such a way that for them it could hardly strengthen bolt protruding from the front of the "sandwich" with image. Despite this, further secure it with glue "Moment" or the like. At the same time, avoid getting glue on the visible area.

Step 7:

Wait until the glue has dried, then depending on the type of wall hammer in her nail or screw the screw (if necessary, use the plug), then hang a framed photograph on the wall.