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How do I clean the steamer from scale

When steaming foods retain the maximum amount of nutrients. So it is very well-cook meat, fish, vegetables and desserts in a double boiler. It has a special heating element, which rapidly settle out of the water all the salts. If the cooking time on the steamer decreased, this may indicate the presence of scale on the element.

How do I clean the steamer from scale

You will need:

- 5% vinegar; - lemon acid.

Instruction on how to clean the steamer scale

Step 1:

Limescale is formed from the use of hard water. The more water the magnesium and calcium, so it is harder. So how often must be cleaned depends on this indicator. Many instructions to Steamers stated that the scale should be removed every 8 gotovok, but the frequency may vary depending on the liquid used, from 6 to 10 gotovok. Also with cleaning removes harmful bacteria and microbes.

Step 2:

Pour in water tank 2.3 cup vinegar (5%). Add water to the maximum level that it covers the entire heating element.

Step 3:

Set the corresponding pallet which is used in construction. Put one steam chamber and close the instrument lid.

Step 4:

Turn the steamer and let it run for about 10-12 minutes. If the scale layer remained, it is possible to leave clearance for another 5 minutes.

Step 5:

Turn off the steamer and allow to fully cool device elements. Drain all the vinegar with water and thoroughly rinse the tank.

Step 6:

Similarly, we can produce descale using citric acid. Its use will also give the desired effect. On the whole compartment for water to be used about 25 grams of citric acid. Include cleaning should be 20-25 minutes. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water tank.