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How do I install a roof window

Many buildings have in the underlay of the attic space. In 1630, the French architect M. Mansar came up with a brilliant idea - to convert it into the living room. Since the attic and began to carry his name. It is almost impossible to imagine a modern loft without a roof window. If you have some experience and knowledge, it is possible to install a roof window with his hands.

How do I install a roof window

You will need:

- building level; - Hacksaw; - a hammer; - Gon; - Nails; - Roulette.

Instruction how to install a roof window

Step 1:

Remove the flap from its frame and place it in the assembly of the roof opening.

Step 2:

Set the level of the lower edge of the window frame and attach the brackets to the rafters.

Step 3:

Insert the leaf into the frame. Make sure that the size of the gap is the same along the entire perimeter and attach the upper corners of the mounting frame to the rafters. With large window sizes recommended extra corners on the sides of the frame.

Step 4:

Align the line on the side surface of the upper edge of the frame batten. This will help prevent leakage. Remove the sash from the frame.

Step 5:

Move Roofing insulation to the window frame around the perimeter of the window. Secure insulation with nails or a stapler. Perform the same operations with a vapor barrier and insulation. Install the drain trough on the roof window.

Step 6:

Connect the box with a roof with four external salary - the lower, upper and two lateral. Push the lower part of the salary to the window and secure with screws. Get salary sides under the lining of the window box and attach it in place of the overlap. Get into the upper part of the salary to the side and attach with screws. Carefully treat the place sealant joints. Tight connection with a roof window is provided by the seals at the top and sides salary.

Step 7:

Place the heater on the inside of the window circuit. Insulation should be carefully compacted around the perimeter of the loop. Attach the heat insulation and vapor barrier apron to the window casement. Install the inner slopes.

Step 8:

Hang the inside of the window blinds or curtains, and on the outside - voile or mosquito nets. Your box is ready.