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How do I put a plastic window in winter mode

With the onset of cold weather, as soon as you feel blowing on the perimeter sash windows, you can put plastic windows in winter mode. Once the reservation is sometimes better to refrain from this as window insulation much wear during operation in winter mode.

How do I put a plastic window in winter mode

You will need:

- Plastic window; - Hexagon or screwdriver, pliers or, depending on the type of your window fittings.

Instruction how to translate the plastic window in winter mode

Step 1:

Determine whether your window translation function in the winter operation mode. If cams located on the side flaps are characteristic hole hex wrench or screwdriver, or they have an oval shape, such a possibility exists.

Step 2:

Inspect the casement and define all the cams that will help you to translate window winter operation period. Depending on the size of the leaf number of pins can be different. Translate into winter mode of operation you need all of your sash windows.

Step 3:

Take a hexagon (screwdriver, pliers) and turn the first pin to the highest position in a clockwise direction (as a rule). Some of the pins when you turn the need to pull a little at first, but after the turn - back to "drown". The force with which the heater is pressed against the window, you can adjust the force accordingly by turning the hand stud. Repeat the same operation with the other pins.

Step 4:

Check the quality of the work performed. Close the window handle: it must be closed more tightly than before, and from the slats should be no blowing.

Step 5:

Check the power press the sash is simple: Take a sheet of paper and press it a window sash, turn the handle of the window. Try to reach the paper, if it is not removed or begins to break - it will indicate that the flap is pressed more tightly compared to the summer mode.