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How do I unsubscribe from a doorphone

Do not rare cases in which the tenants refuse to install an intercom system in porch or from the use of already operating device. In each of these situations exists its solution.

How do I unsubscribe from a doorphone

Instruction how to refuse intercom

Step 1:

If not all the tenants agree to install an intercom system should hold a general meeting of apartment owners. The fact that he himself locked, and the door are considered common property at home, and therefore decided to install should be a joint. Any property owner has the right to initiate such a meeting and the general debate. As a result, the decision "for" or "against" a majority vote. So that the owner, who plans to give up the intercom installation, will have to take a common decision. However, to refuse to pay also possible. In addition, the tenant has a right to receive from the managing organization doorphone key to the door entrance.

Step 2:

If your entrance intercom system is already installed, and it often breaks down and service company does not respond to your requests and complaints, feel free to request termination of the contract. Residents should get together and write a collective letter in which to specify the detailed list of claims. Next, a letter to be transmitted to the management company if it is entered into the contract with the contractors. Owners of apartments in the house, located on the self-government, with the request should contact the district council. After reviewing the claim will be offered to residents of the other company that provides intercom service. But do not forget that at the termination of the previous contract may take from one to two weeks to a month. By the way, if you need the coordinates of the management company, you will find them on the receipt for the rent.

Step 3:

Another important point is the payment for the intercom. Even if you think you do not need, but a contract for the maintenance of your home is already signed, you have no right to ignore the payment intercom. Refusal to pay for the service from a legal point of view is considered incomplete payment for housing.