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How do kiln to give

Many gardeners like to engage in harvesting of stocks for the winter directly on a suburban area. For this purpose, electric, if there is electricity, gas stoves, and even the "stoves". They are placed directly in a country house, which is a significant drawback. With the active use, the room creates a pretty hot atmosphere. An alternative design of the furnace has been developed, which can be installed directly in the courtyard on the open ground.

How do kiln to give

You will need:

red brick - 125 pieces, clay, sand, metal corner, cast iron plate

Instruction how to make oven to give

Step 1:

Take 125 red bricks. They can be any left after the construction holiday home, picked up in the territory, ie, not necessarily new. Also, it does not matter - the whole bricks or halves, in this case, will have to spend some time on their layout. Take as an iron plate from an old stove, a small corner of the iron bucket without a bottom, an ordinary clay and sand.

Step 2:

Make a place in the furnace foundation. To do this, dig a pit. Its size is based on the size of single-brick: Square - brick three lengths (750 mm) to nine (2250 mm) deep - (130-150 mm). Fill the bottom of the pit even layer of sand 2 cm thick. Place the bricks into it. It is desirable to combine them with a solution, but not necessarily. Make a flat surface.

Step 3:

Prepare binder solution. To do this, take the clay and sand, after sifting them, mix them in a ratio of 1 part clay to three parts sand, pour a small amount of water and stir until smooth.

Step 4:

Proceed to the masonry. All subsequent connections materials spend them alone. First bordyurchik lay on the other side, where there is a BBQ (total inner space behind and around the furnace). To do this, on the "edge" (long), three bricks, forming its front wall. The side walls also make a barbecue, three bricks each.

Step 5:

Make kiln firing. The length of the combustion chamber - 1000 mm (four whole bricks), height - 260 mm. When laying a third tier of bricks, put the front and rear firing angle iron that grabs the solution, and then giving the fourth tier and will provide structural strength. After the furnace masonry, put it on top of the cooked pig-iron stove.

Step 6:

Place the back of the firebox two bricks in a brick, it will need to build the pipe. Bricks that are closest to the furnace should be a quarter of a slide in the furnace itself. Thus the main pipe will be equal to the width of two bricks. Laying occurs in the classical way with ligation. Total pipe will have eight tiers. The first four will have only three walls. With the side and rear side, in the place where the pipe is connected to the furnace, no need to lay bricks. After the installation of the fourth tier would be a cast-iron stove, which will be an additional support.