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How do ovoskop

When incubating eggs in a home incubator is desirable to know when the tab, whether eggs fertilized, and how is their further development. It can be controlled with a simple candling, which is easy to do with their hands.

How do ovoskop

You will need:

The light bulb, power cord, plug the materials at hand.

Instruction how to make candling

Step 1:

Experienced people simply take the egg and watch it on the included light bulb or bright sunlight from dusk premises and determine its freshness or suitability for incubation.

Step 2:

Better seen the contents of the egg if it is limited to dark neprosvechivayuschimsya fonom.Dlya this, take, for example, an A4 sheet of cardboard, painted black, and cut at its center an oval, slightly less than the size of an egg. Stand in front of the ordinary Lighting - ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps. At a distance of 30-40 cm from the lamp put a partition sheet prepared and bring your other hand to the hole the egg.

Step 3:

You will see its interior. It will, depending on the incubation period and yolk, or simply a space air bladder, blood vessels or sudden, as in the step close to completion of the incubation, and it took shape chicken.

Step 4:

If you are engaged in breeding of chickens in the incubator home regularly need candling is almost constantly. In this case, it will be useful to make a more convenient device for radiographic eggs. Make it can be from a variety of materials at hand. The main thing - to choose yourself comfortable position during radiographic eggs: vertical or horizontal. The main components - the case of non-combustible material and the light bulb up to 100 watts. In addition you will need a power cord and switch on it, if desired.

Step 5:

For example, collect the tin or other non-combustible material box about the size of 30h30h30 see. Put inside the cartridge with a bulb with the release cord and plug. On the upper surface of the oval cut for eggs, a little smaller, so that the egg does not fall through. Include the device in the network, put on a horizontal table and the egg candling consider.