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How do you arrange a shady corner of the garden

In any garden there is a shaded area where the sun rarely peeps. But this is the place I want to decorate in a special way. For this it is necessary to choose the appropriate decorative plants, easily carrying the shade or partial shade.

How do you arrange a shady corner of the garden

Before planting the plant in a shady corner of the garden, you need to prepare the ground well in this area. First, remove all the weeds, and then dug up the ground. To improve the soil structure, and to improve its fertility, it is possible to make humus, well-rotted manure and vermiculite. 

When choosing plants for a shady area, you need to clearly know which plants will grow well here, because some of them simply did not tolerate even a light partial shade. To shade-loving plants are hosts, ferns, Heuchera, Rogers, Astilbe and many others. Besides herbaceous plants in a shady corner of the garden can be planted and shrubs, and vines, and conifers. Beautifully will look at this place Actinidia. It perfectly brings temperatures down to minus 40 degrees and does not require the shelter for the winter. On the tips of the leaves appear white and pink spots, and the combination of colors will not only blend in well with other plants, but also the place itself will seem a little brighter. 

Choosing a host for your garden, you need to keep in mind that some varieties, for example, blue hosts, can not tolerate the slightest contact with the sun on the leaves. For waxy coating dark spots are formed, and the kind of spoils the plant. If you buy several types of host, it is better not to plant near a plant with leaves in a white and yellow stripes. Between them it is recommended to plant plants with solid green leaves. Buying Heuchera for shaded garden area, it is desirable to buy a bright leaf varieties. Such plants make shady corner lighter. If you plan to put in the shade of conifers, it is important to know that plants with yellow or blue needles here will be the usual green. necessarily need sunlight, so the shady corner is better to buy plants with green needles for such plants. 

When the soil is prepared for planting seedlings and plants purchased, it is recommended to place them in containers at the site to see if they are well combined in a single composition. It is always possible to rectify the situation for the better by swapping a few plants.