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How putty ceiling and walls

Spackling - is the process of applying to the ceiling and walls of a special mixture for leveling the surface. Indoors used putty gypsum-based. Exterior walls are aligned with a mixture based on cement.

How putty ceiling and walls

You will need:

- ladder; - Plaster; - Spatulas; - building level; - Angular profile; - Fine-grained sandpaper.

Instruction how to putty the walls and ceiling

Step 1:

Prior to putty the walls and ceiling, clean the surface of the old plaster, paint, soot and dust. Apply a special primer deep penetration.

Step 2:

It will provide antimicrobial and antibacterial protection and improve the adhesive properties of the surface. Apply primer in one coat by roller, evenly distributed over the entire surface area.

Step 3:

Start putty to the ceiling. Use the ladder. The dry mix, dilute strictly according to instructions. Ready-mix, as a rule, is not mapped. It must be stirred well stick.

Step 4:

Ceiling treat the spatula is not too dense mixture. Shpaklyuyte 2-3 stages. Each layer grind fine sandpaper.

Step 5:

If the ceiling is smooth, treat it with a special spray. For curved, chipped, or cracked surface will require additional efforts. On the ceiling is a special glue glass cloth mesh. It will help keep more of putty.

Step 6:

Getting spackling the walls, check the corners. To get perfectly aligned corners, use aluminum corner profile. Secure it carefully zashpaklyuyte.

Step 7:

Check the angle of the building level. In the same way, align the arches, window sills and window openings. Another way - use the special angled spatula.

Step 8:

Under wallpaper - apply a few layers of putty. Minor irregularities hide texture and pattern wallpaper. By painting the walls - shpaklyuyte to complete alignment of the surface.

Step 9:

Take the putty mixture from the vessel using two spatulas. Put a small spatula putty on a large spatula. Apply a mixture of 45-degree angle to the surface, making perpendicular strokes.

Step 10:

Start with large cavities and chips, filling them with putty. After drying of the wall, align the new solution. The curvature of the surface periodically check the building level.

Step 11:

When the putty grab, blur her primed to remove sagging and uneven. Putty for easier priming - get a thinner layer. A day smooth out fine-grained sandpaper.