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How quickly tear off the wallpaper

If you started repairs, then you know that before you paste the new wallpaper, be sure to remove the old ones. With the latter there will be problems if you follow some simple rules.

How quickly tear off the wallpaper

You will need:

- steamer; - Spray or roller construction with cuvette; - hot water; - Detergent; - Wallpaper paste; - putty knife.

Instruction how quickly tear off the wallpaper

Step 1:

Clear the room of furniture and other interior elements - carpets, curtains and so on. The fact that you can not make (eg, severe cases), try to move the center of the room and cover with cellophane or even a sheet to protect the subject from the dust and all sorts of accidents.

Step 2:

Prepare a steamer. This is a device that converts water flooded into it in a very hot steam. They easily without any detergent to remove a variety of complex pollution to steam on the fabric weight (eg curtains).

Step 3:

Walk on the wallpaper steamer, making sure that they are properly watered and soaked with water. For lack of a steamer, you can use a conventional spray or roller. The main thing - the water in the tank should be hot. In it, by the way, you can add a little detergent, and quite a bit of wallpaper paste to water slightly thickened.

Step 4:

Wait 10-15 minutes and start to remove the wallpaper spatula. Shoot, starting from the bottom, from floor to ceiling bars. If the wallpaper is firmly held - repeat from stripping / wetting.

Step 5:

If you have a washable wallpaper - buy in a store building materials special spiked roller. They rolled the wallpaper so that the thorns pierced the outer waterproof coating. Then proceed to soaking the wallpaper.

Step 6:

You can use pretty exotic, but very effective way of stripping wallpaper. Find an old, no longer desired sheet, good soak it in hot water and attach to the wall, you're going to clear the wallpaper. Then turn on the iron and iron the sheet on the wall before it dries. Soaked wallpaper will be removed easily with a spatula.