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How to accelerate the growth of plants

To stimulate the growth of plants can be created ideal conditions for their development. to care requirements in all plants are different, but they can be broken down into separate elements: the soil, watering and lighting.

How to accelerate the growth of plants

Instruction how to speed up plant growth

Step 1:

Before planting the plants ask what type of soil it prefers. It is important not to make a mistake at this stage, because the soil is properly chosen - a guarantee that the plant watering and nutrition will be most effective. Ready Peat mixture can be purchased at garden stores. Just tell the seller, for which you need a plant soil. Or you can mix it yourself. To do this you need soil, sand, peat and humus. The proportions depend on the plant species and are normally specified in the specialized literature. If they are not guided by the description of the requirements the plant to the soil: if you want an easy - add more sand, soil nutrient make humus and peat should be added to those plants that grow in damp places.

Step 2:

Pay attention to how often and how you water your plants. One of the most common causes of stunting - a constant overflow. For plants better not to top up than to pour. In the case of drying the flower rather just lose decorative - wither, turn pale, the leaves will dry ends, but the roots will not suffer, and after normalization of the plant watering regime will quickly return to the form. Constant moisture is transferred only a few plants from marshy places or from the tropics. The others begin to rot the roots, the plant loses power and what is called "sitting". The reason may be in water - does not agree on all plants hard water. For example, for acidophilic plants (loving the soil with acid reaction), constant watering with tap water basified soil, which leads to death.

Step 3:

Difficulties with lighting are rare - usually this aspect is taken into account when buying plants. If you have a flower "burning" or "stretches" are only two outputs - or obscure dosvetit. By the way, sometimes supplementary lighting is effective in stimulating growth. Lengthening the daylight hours in the winter, we can ensure that the flower does not go into "rest."