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How to alter the chair

If your old chair does not fit into the new interior of the apartment renovated, not in a hurry to part with the usual thing. If desired, and skill to master, you can completely transform old furniture, breathing new life into it. One of the most effective ways to alter the chair - is to win him a new upholstery fabric or leather, depending on the requirements of the existing processing facilities and your taste.

How to alter the chair

You will need:

- Upholstery fabrics; - Tools for assembly and disassembly of the chair; - Centimeter; - Paper, pencil and scissors to the pattern; - Thread and needle; - sewing machine; - Vegetable oil, lining and adhesive to the skin, sewing hammer (if necessary)

Instruction how to alter the chair

Step 1:

Prepare suitable for upholstery fabric chairs. To accurately calculate the necessary amount of material you need to carefully remove the old upholstery to furniture and to make on its basis a new the pattern. Dismantling the product, be careful not to damage the wood pieces. Separate from the arms of the seat, and then - back. Furniture tilting brackets, "undress" chair.

Step 2:

Lay the old upholstery on the floor and think carefully about the look of a future update the chair. If you are confident in your handmade skill, you can come up with an interesting combination of fabrics of different colors. For example, use the patchwork technique, combined with the linen upholstery of leather or imitation leather, used for decoration of the central part of the backrest woven pattern (tapestry). Finally (if permitted by the existing interior) can be completely sheathe upholstered furniture with natural leather - is radically transform the product.

Step 3:

Make the necessary measurements. If you chose the patchwork technique with the use of natural leather, or decided to do a full leather seat, make a stock material. The skin can be purchased at the furriers in the form of assorted scraps (cut or sewn from pieces) with natural unevenness and roughness, deviations from the basic colors.

Step 4:

Draw a pattern for your new upholstery seats made of paper (you can use old newspapers) and check its accuracy. Cutting out the details of the working fabric, be sure to leave at the edge of the hem width 1.5-2 cm. Treat everyone on the edge of the sewing machine (if the fabric structure) or a hidden hand stitch.

Step 5:

Carefully work with genuine leather! It is extremely moody, and you risk to spoil the expensive material. Performing "odezhku" for leather armchairs, follow some of the recommendations: - make an emphasis on precision patterns and work especially carefully, as you remake will not work - will remain on the skin by a needle hole; - Use a special lining for leather goods; - While the leather belt does not fasten the pins, it is better to use an adhesive tape; - Making a line on the sewing machine, lubricate the working surface of the skin with sunflower oil; - Allowances are not crosslinked and prostuchite hammer and glue them to the underside of the leather upholstery with special glue.

Step 6:

Overtighten the seat in the following sequence: the inside of the handle and the backrest, seat, all external parts of the product. Secure the fabric furniture stapler. Finally, install all components of the renewed seats.