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How to alter the oven in fireplace

To rework oven fireplace is necessary to make a series of conversions: tear down the firebox of the furnace, put a fireplace. This is a very time-consuming process and without certain skills are not enough. Therefore, before proceeding to disassemble the oven, carefully think through all the details of the future fireplace.

How to alter the oven in fireplace

You will need:

- simple brick; - Refractory brick; - Cement; - Sand; - Boards for shelves; - Lining material.

Instruction in how to alter the oven fireplace

Step 1:

The easiest way to alter the oven under the fireplace - it's just to set the Finnish glass door instead of a cast-iron oven door. To keep all heating properties of the stove, but will additionally function fireplace. This option is the most economical both in financial terms and in the complexity. After reinstalling the oven door Arrange nicely in a folk style. And on cold winter evenings you can spend time contemplating the flame of the fire through the glass door.

Step 2:

If you decide to radically free room from the oven, and in its place erect a fireplace, then it is time-consuming work.

Step 3:

To start the oven to disassemble the old base. Old bricks can be used for the construction of catwalk fireplace. It will burn fuel. Follow the construction of a cement-sand mortar. In the body of the catwalk lay the niche for firewood. Shut them three rows of conventional brick or near a simple brick and refractory, put to the edge.

Step 4:

On the podium arrange portal is a place where he will be burning. Define a portal in accordance with the overall dimensions of the room. In a small room, it should not take up too much space. Be sure to correctly calculate the size of the flue box. If you make it much larger than envisaged, will get constant drafts and hypothermia premises. And a fire is usually a lot of smoke.

Step 5:

Calculate the smoke hole of the fireplace. It should be 10-15 times smaller than the area of ​​the opening portion of the furnace. Maybe it has a little zauzhivat chimney.

Step 6:

The depth of the fireplace firebox perform in relation to the height of the portal as 1 to 2 - 2 to 3, so that a smaller depth will cause smoke and further reduce heat transfer.

Step 7:

Portal opening fire shut brick lintels. Arrange them on a special formwork (the wheels). Work start with bookmarks toe. Whirling prop up temporary supports. After reference toe on cradling install central brick masonry and continue at the same time on both sides. Admission of the sweeping curved arches and lay no more than 6 cm.

Step 8:

For the lining, use the style and materials that are most suited to the overall design of the room. The choice of materials is not limited. But for the mantelpiece is best suited from the treated oak planks.