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How to apply for a roof repair

Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone - once entering the apartment on the top floor of the house, you will see how spread out a huge wet spot on a wall or on the ceiling. It sounds like you need a roof repair. There is no need to postpone such a serious issue for tomorrow. Immediately write a statement on the roof repair, and contact your HOA or housing department.

How to apply for a roof repair

Instruction how to apply for a roof repair

Step 1:

Arriving at the HOA or the housing department, ask for a sample application for the repair of the roof. It is better to write two applications. The first option is to give it consideration, and on the second ask to sign a communal service worker who took the statement from you, and the necessary printing. It may well be a situation that zhilkontory employees can say they have not received such a statement, so please be evidence.

Step 2:

Standard sample application is as follows: in the header indicates your name, the name of the chief housing department or condominiums, residence. The main part of the select leaks fact, in some of the apartment and when it occurred. A detailed explanation of how water flowed from the ceiling or from the walls, how badly damaged your kvartira.Materialny damage estimates commission to visit your apartment after you applied.

Step 3:

Workers housing department or condominiums are required to contact the company carrying out the repair work of this type. employee of the company will amount to estimate and calculate the amount of work required. It will be a contract for roof repair. Cost of the work should be divided into all the tenants of the house, on the basis of the property area. After paying the required amount of work to repair the roof should be made in the most expeditious time. Most interested in the fate of submitted application, you then condominiums or housing department will take all necessary action.