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How to arrange a balcony

In most cases a balcony is playing a role in modern homes warehouse. On it include what is already completely not necessary, however, to throw the hand does not rise. This place is the second stage in the chain "apartment - balcony - giving" and it remains as such, unfortunately, a long time. But it can significantly change the appearance of your apartment, if there is available space to organize correctly.

How to arrange a balcony


Construction of an open balcony

In contrast to the loggia, a balcony is open on three sides of the space. Modern apartment owners are increasingly glaze it to use additional meters in the winter and summer. However, the data are by no means all.

Making an open balcony - a seasonal event. Best design option is to create a mini-garden. You are free to grow beautiful flowers and herbs or buy them in the store and transplanted into the prepared boxes / pots. In addition, expose the balcony folding table and a couple of comfortable chairs. This beautiful corner you can have breakfast in the company of a loved one or to gossip with friends.

If summer days you have to spend in the operating concerns, organize at the office balcony. Set the table there is a laptop, a comfortable chair, stand for a cup of coffee. To work in the open air - a pleasure. By the way, you can also do with a child - a lover of new technologies.

Open balcony - a great place for organizing summer dining. Ideally, if the yield on it is directly from the kitchen. In the narrow space of the additional discard a stationary table for the benefit of the convertible. Fasten it to the wall, next to organize several seats. For example, take a corner bench or use a small stool. Comfort add using the details: bright pillows, colored mat, small rug.


Ideas registration glazed balcony

Gazebo - elegant extra space. Here you can place and dining room and conservatory, and an office, and you do not have to worry about the safety of things or hastily remove all at the first sign of a thunderstorm. However, modern designers offer a few original ideas to design a closed balcony.

For example, it can serve you extra bedroom or a cozy area for privacy. To do this you will need otrez carpet, mattress and nice looking accessories. Floor carpet cover, securing it on the edges of the special double-sided adhesive tape. Put the mattress, laid out his blanket. Along the perimeter set up the pillows, perform light (such as a desk lamp will do). Here you can have a good time: read, draw, do needlework, and even spend the night.

Some turn gazebo during a kitchen or bathroom. In this case the apartment owners rarely destroy existing walls: they simply clean the windows and door. This approach is justified only if your balcony high quality insulated. In this scenario, you can use the "win" meter with a huge advantage. For example, there is a dressing room or organizing a library.