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How to arrange a summer shower

In the holiday season, many tend to spend more time outdoors, tidy garden land and just relax. A refreshing garden shower in the summer heat becomes a necessity, especially if the site is not possible to equip a modern bathroom. A simple walk-in shower can make your own hands, and at a certain skill you will make it much more comfortable and more durable finished product factory.

How to arrange a summer shower

You will need:

- foundation; - Shower; - container for water; - Water source (water, wells); - Drain and drain hole; - Waterproof material; - Adapter for hose; - Hose; - Faucet and sprayer; - Elements of interior and exterior.

Instruction how to arrange a summer shower

Step 1:

Select a location for a summer shower. This is a very crucial moment - an ill-conceived construction can negate all your efforts. The main rules: cabinet must stand on the sunny side to the water to wash the time to fully warm up; Shower should be secure against strong drafts; a place sublime choose for quick drainage of water used. In the presence of water pipe thoughtful amenities communications supply. If you have to manually fill the vessel should be near the well.

Step 2:

Dig a drain pit volume from 1 to 2 m, depending on the expected load on a summer shower. Waste water can erode the ground under the cabin, so place the drain at a distance of several meters from it. Provide a sloping mound - the fluid must flow through it in the direction of the drainage. Slope reinforce plastic wrap or roofing material.

Step 3:

Place the foundation for a loose soil to a homemade shower has not collapsed. It is recommended to immerse into the ground around the perimeter of the future walls of the pile -.. Metal pipes 100 mm in diameter and 1 m in length They should rise by about 20 cm The design of concrete pile foundation will strengthen and combine frame of hewn timber. Another option - to make a base of bricks and beams fix it braces. Frame obsheyte boards.

Step 4:

Design your booth. The interior dimensions should not be less than 190h140 cm. The finished product can be ordered factory in a specialized firm and assemble panels as a constructor. A cheaper option - make a wooden shower independently. To do this, first set the furring (optimal cross-section - 100x100 mm). Supports Grout; connect dressings bars top and bottom. The walls are recommended to upholster planed boards.

Step 5:

At the equipment cabins, note the following points. There should be a place to put clothes and towels, protecting it waterproof curtain; washing compartment separate from the changing rooms threshold; slatted floor must be to drain the water. Do not forget about the useful things - holders, and shelves for toiletries.

Step 6:

Entrance to the outdoor shower, you can close the oilcloth curtain. If you decide to hang a wooden door, install it special seals such as SCP-160. Pads will not allow woody canvas swell from moisture and additionally help to keep warm.

Step 7:

Place the metal or plastic tank on the roof of the shower stall. Displacement choose from 60 to 100 - then the water will be a good warm up, and it is enough to bath procedures. Paint the container in a dark color, so that it heats up quickly. Additionally, you can equip a makeshift heater: make a wooden frame above the tank and pull him polyethylene. On the north side of the "greenhouse" okleyte foil.

Step 8:

Mount the adapter into the tank for attaching the hose, fix at the end of the faucet and sprayer. Another hose attach to the pump in a well or water supply. If you have the capacity to fill the buckets, set next to a reliable ladder.

Step 9:

Finally, take care of the decoration of the summer shower. With the "person" you can upholster the cabin or waterproof plywood Lining, paint the walls in the same style with other suburban quarters. The inner walls of cover varnish or upholster a rigid polyvinyl chloride film. You can also use the linoleum, plastic panels, or any other waterproof material.