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How to arrange an artificial pond

Private pond on site - not a dream if extra funds. Artificial pond for relaxation and contemplation of the water surface is quite possible to build with their own hands.

How to arrange an artificial pond

Large fish pond, overgrown with lilies, and on the edges of reed leave large estates. For the first experience quite literally pools of water and rock slides. Place should identify close to home - so it is easy to fill and clean. If children play area - so it is easier to observe them from the water. It is also important that the chosen location was windless and lit by the sun no more than 10 hours per day (or better - 6 hours). Otherwise there is a risk of rapid development in the stagnant water of bacteria and algae.

The bed of the pond do any of the special container or pit is lined with foil. In the first case, the future water reservoir can be bought ready-made - such forms produced some plants. And you can use a large bowl, an old tub or barrel. In the second - it is important to ensure that the construction and operation of the pond do not interfere with the roots of trees. And do not use polyethylene - it will be enough strength up to two years. Instead, the PVC film or butyl rubber tires. It is possible to make concrete from the bed, but it has a different level requires effort and expenditure.

Before installing the container or spreading sand film tamp pad (and under the film - over and crushed stone). If you use ready-made container - installation guided by the building level, that it stands straight. The edges of the pond are pressed at the same time decorated with large stones. All these works begin when spring will fall groundwater.

A tiny pond plants decorate the perimeter, in the bigger pond algae will land or suitable colors. The preferred use of plants in pots, so you can take them out and clean the pond.

In winter, water from an artificial pond is drained. If the decor used plastic - it is removed in a dry protected from the sun and wind place.