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How to avoid bolting onions

Often in the onion crop you can see the arrow that appears. This is due to improper storage Seva in the winter. To avoid this situation in the next year, it is necessary to comply with the temperature and humidity conditions during storage of planting material.

How to avoid bolting onions

When Seva tab for the winter need to know that onions of different diameters have the requirements for temperature and humidity. Sevok diameter from 1.5 to 2.5 cm can be kept warm and cold method. When heat storage humidity should be about 65% and the air temperature - from 18 to 25 degrees. In cold storage temperature is held at about minus 1-3 degrees, and the humidity should correspond to 80-90%. As a result, the plants grown from Seva, stored in ways that do not throw shooter, the harvest turns out quite high and excellent quality. 

It can be used for onion varieties acute cold-warm storage method. Its principle is as follows: Onion well-dried after harvesting and stored at a temperature of 19 to 25 degrees. This humidity must be within the range of 55-70%. The same conditions are created for storage Seva spring and in winter conditions of storage bow change. Planting material is transferred to a room with a temperature of from - 1 to -3 degrees and the humidity is increased to 85%. In such circumstances sevok better kept, and plants grown from them, do not give the arrows. 

When purchasing Seva in stores, it is recommended to heat at a temperature of 25-30 degrees for 2-3 weeks before planting. At home, it is convenient to do on the battery. For this Onion poured on a wooden tray and put it on the battery. Layer onion should not be more than 3 cm. This method of preparation for planting Seva significantly reduces the ability of the bow to bolting. 

Unfortunately, despite all the measures taken, bolting onions sometimes observed. In this case, it is recommended to break out the arrow, until they are in their infancy. Those plants which continue to provide the arrows are best used in the first place. Good healthy bulbs of them will be stored and they will be bad. 

Small sevok, only about 1 cm in diameter and stored at any temperature, gives no further switches and therefore, it is recommended to podzimnego sowing. Save those little onions throughout the winter is difficult, it is better to use only cold storage method, with heat, they often dry out.