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How to beat a small children's room

Children's room - a whole world in which the baby spends much of the time. Sleeping area, games room, storage space for toys and clothes, a table for employment need to fit on a single, often a very small area. The situation is complicated when two children live in the nursery. Even the smallest room can be comfortable and convenient.

How to beat a small children's room

Instruction how to furnish a small children's room

Step 1:

Divide the children's room into zones. Highlight corners for playing, learning, sports activities, sleeping area. The division may be visual - such as floor coverings by various staining or variativnoj walls. Another option - the podium, which can be raised beds, and they are at the same time will be an excellent storage for seasonal clothing or toys.

Step 2:

Do not mix zone. The child needs to know where he can play safely, without creating a mess. It is not necessary to require that he constantly was setting toys in places - it is better with the baby to find a comfortable corner in the game for them. Buy large boxes of different colors - so the child will be easier to navigate in their riches.

Step 3:

Equipping the zone, do not forget about their coverage. Chandeliers from the ceiling may not be enough. Instead, set the spotlights. For more bright lights illuminate the work area, in the game you need a soft diffused light, and in the bedroom - a cozy night light.

Step 4:

If two children live in a room, you can install a bunk bed. Some older children prefer sofas - they are easy to put in the morning and in the afternoon they can play safely without fear of mash bed or knock down blanket. Do not buy bulky bed in the form of coaches, boats and machines - for a small child, they do not work.

Step 5:

Instead of occupying the space deficit of cabinets and drawers in the room, set the built-in furniture - shelves and niches, lockable sliding doors. Get rid of unnecessary items - heavy armchairs, chairs and cabinets. Instead, ask the children to soft shapeless bean bags, rocking chairs and ottomans.

Step 6:

Even the smallest child, try to find a place for a sports area. Suspended from the ceiling swing, wall bars, horizontal bar and rings take up very little space, but it will solve the problem with the lack of activity. Not bad to allocate space for creativity. Paste over the walls of the white paper or Whatman usual - they baby will be able to draw.

Step 7:

Equipping the playing area, consider the child's sex. Psychologists believe that boys need a lot of open space for games, while girls love cozy corners. They can be shield by placing a bed in the corner of the end face. Rooms girls decided to draw in warm tones, and boyish - in contrast cool combinations.

Step 8:

In a small room does not get involved in a large pattern on the wallpaper. Stay neutral background. Vivid color spot may be curtains, bedspreads, furniture or unusual lighting.