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How to breed roosters

For high-quality production of offspring cock it is of great importance. Therefore, the selection of young and growing right - a good guarantee of quality to have children in the future. For the growth of young males there are certain rules.

How to breed roosters

Instruction how to breed roosters

Step 1:

Firstly, you need to prepare the room before the young animals breeding. To do this, remove the old litter and trash, wash the walls whitewashed with lime svezhegashenoy entire room.

Step 2:

Disinfect the entire inventory, which will be used for feeding.

Step 3:

Provide sufficient space heating and lighting. In the early days the temperature should be no lower than 24 degrees and the room lighting. After two weeks of age the light can be reduced to 12-14 hours per day.

Step 4:

Think free access to food. For each chicken must be 2.5 cm feeders. With age, the distance increases.

Step 5:

If the room has one small window, make it opens, it will provide continuous ventilation and fresh air.

Step 6:

The room certainly is a deep litter.

Step 7:

Think about a place for walking young. Releasing young males begin to walk with weeks of age, if the street is clear and warm weather. First, the walk of a few minutes each day increases.

Step 8:

In the first two weeks of feeding chickens chicken eggs, hard boiled, adding different herbs (nettle, green onions, dandelion leaves). Admixed with cottage cheese, boiled wheat. The feed should be present mineral substances and vitamins. To get a balanced diet, to two weeks of age were fed every three hours, further increase the periods between feedings. In months of age youngsters are usually fed 3-4 times a day. It is useful to add to the food fresh grated carrots, clover, alfalfa. To do this, mix them with crushed corn and special animal feedstuffs that are available for different age number of young animals.

Step 9:

From grown young in age of two months Collect those that are more suitable for the production of offspring. It must be males with the most prominent secondary sexual characteristics. Preference was given to a bird with a bright red crest, brilliant feathers, fluffy tail. It is believed that a good cock-producer shall be at least seven notches in the crest.