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How to build a cabin

Winter storeroom - a small wooden building, located in the woods or on the river banks, where there is no permanent settlements. Build it usually hunters, fishermen to take shelter from the weather. You can repeat their experience, using the following tips.

How to build a cabin

Instruction how to build a cabin

Step 1:

To select a wintering place higher. Well, if there is a river or stream, not freezing. Wood for construction zagotovte in the winter, even until the spring slightly dries, then you can start.

Step 2:

If you allow the soil dug in piles or put a frame on the stumps. Well, if the lower crowns are made from larch is a very durable wood. Some hunters, on the contrary, build a cabin in the pits, often of natural origin.

Step 3:

The size of log, calculate, based on the number of people who will live in the cabin. Let's say you are building a dwelling for 6 people, if enough log 5x5 meters, with an average height of 2 meters and 30 cm, but it is if you do not build a two-story bunks. Necessarily it is necessary to build a porch under a roof and porch - hall.

Step 4:

The oven is put out of brick or stone, because it gives too short iron heat. The tube is better to bring into the wall, then the roof will last longer. The ceiling rose planks overlapped and filled with sawdust. The doors are made small, it is better to keep warm. Think about which side it will be better positioned to prevent burying in snow in winter.

Step 5:

Floor, ceiling, plank beds, benches made of timbers. Chopping block is harvested on site, using chainsaws, but will have to master the technology of splitting. A window frames, hinges, nails, it is necessary to bring the glass.

Step 6:

Hunters who build the hut in the cold, give this advice: log dissolve in half and do the flats, and from them - frame. A spring can be removed otoprevshuyu bark as frozen logs bad skin. Think about the places where it is necessary to keep the property, the products that they did not spoil the animals. Where a lot of bears, for the summer removed all the items from the cabin and the door is left open to predators came, but did not break your build. Interior wintering - Spartan desks, benches, bunks, stove.