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How to build a doorknob

Breaking is easier than to build and disassemble - easier than collecting. Familiar to your situation as a result of attempts to repair this or that thing in front of you is a pile of springs, screws and washers unknown destination? How does all of this back to collect? Moreover, it is desirable to also eliminate the damage, which caused the disassembly of the subject. So you broke down the door handle. And you have successfully dismantled it. What to do next?

How to build a doorknob

You will need:

- adjustable wrench; - screwdriver

Instruction how to assemble a door handle

Step 1:

Carefully read the parts lying in front of you. These details make the mechanism operational handle. You should find ourselves: body handles; a rotary mechanism, which is a copper piece with a spring wrapped around it; retaining ring; torsion spring and keyed washer.

Step 2:

Carefully study the torsion spring. Malfunction of the torsion spring is considered one of the most common causes of damage to the handle. If the spring is broken - it is necessary to replace it. Insert a new spring in place and tighten the upper part. Make sure to install it.

Step 3:

Inspect and replace keyed washer if necessary. Keyed washer is mounted over the torsion spring so that the spring abuts. This torsion spring abutment is fixed on your seats. The material from which made drills washers, over time much wear and, as a result, often break down in the middle of the puck.

Step 4:

Inspect the snap ring. If there is no damage to screw it into place on top of the keyed washer. The locking ring is the one piece that holds together keyed washer and spring. Firmly tighten all parts with a screwdriver.

Step 5:

Set the rotary mechanism in the handle housing. Put a spring in the swivel mechanism, holding it with your fingers. Tighten the knob bolt with a wrench. Check the operation by pushing the knob. If the lever became tight - it means everything is done correctly.

Step 6:

Refit the knob and again check the operation of the mechanism. Attach the handle to the door.