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How to build a frame walls

During the construction of a frame house, you must install a power frame, which will ensure proper installation rigidity and distribute the power load bearing walls, trusses and rafters, which will be a guarantee of strength and durability of the building being erected.

How to build a frame walls

You will need:

- material for the manufacture of the carcass; - Proemnye crossbars; - Joists.

Instruction how to build a framework of walls

Step 1:

For the construction of the frame, prepare the necessary material. The frame can be installed from a bar, a special profile or a channel. You will need the corner posts, which should be very strong, intermediate racks, top and bottom piping, beams for openings, beams for the ceiling.

Step 2:

The basis for your frame wall will serve as a bottom rail. Attach it to the foundation with the help of anchors. To frame does not get wet, pre-insulate the piping from the foundation with the help of waterproofing materials. You can use 2-3 layers of roofing material. To verify the installation, use a square building. To fasten the ends of the wire with sides 5, 4 and 3 meters.

Step 3:

Install corner posts on the size of your building. Correctness of installation check a plumb or laser level.

Step 4:

In the corner stands the interim fix. Step between the carrier power structures do according to the material that you will sheathe House. If between racks will be located plate, a step can be done on the boards width.

Step 5:

When the casing cement chipboard step between the posts do 1,25 m. Exactly at this width of material (DSP), if you bought it in the supermarket construction and maintained in accordance with GOST manufacturing technology.

Step 6:

For the oriented strand board manufactured in mass production, the step is 1.22 m.

Step 7:

Connect the load-bearing structures with galvanized connectors that can be made in the form of plates or HQ-gon with the amplifier. You can use braces to wood beams.

Step 8:

Should be installed wooden floor beams. After that strengthen the skeleton of the intermediate cross-strapping.

Step 9:

Crossbars for door and window openings set as the design of the installation.