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How to build a gazebo with barbecue

Every cottager sooner or later think about the construction of the gazebo. After gazebo - this place get-togethers with friends and family. And sometimes just a place for solitude, which is so lacking in a noisy crowded city. For lovers of feasts and large companies best suited gazebo with barbecue. Then roasting kebabs will not depend on the whims of the weather.

How to build a gazebo with barbecue

Instruction how to build a gazebo with barbecue

Step 1:

So choose a place in the future gazebo, draw its plan, decide the size. Make marks on the ground.

Step 2:

Remove the top layer of soil and arrange the foundation of the gazebo. Usually, it is done on the pillars of brick, wood or asbestos-cement pipe. Do not forget about waterproofing your basement. Treat wooden poles with bitumen or tar. Dig a hole in the ground at the level of soil freezing (50-70 cm). Pour in the gravel or crushed stone holes for better drainage. Set the selected columns, fill them with concrete. Strictly verified by the level of verticality.

Step 3:

Make piping basement wooden beam 50x100 mm, check the horizontal bar, secure it with screws on wood. Where the beams intersect with each other, make a frame, select the quarter. Arrange half - base arbors. If you want to grill in the gazebo, the floor is best done from paving slabs or pour concrete for greater fire safety.

Step 4:

Set the frame gazebo on the prepared foundation. Clip design with screws. Install the roof. The material for the roof can be flexible tile, wood, metal sheets.

Step 5:

Trimmed inside the gazebo, set the table and sitting around. In the right place on the floor, attach the metal sheet and set him BBQ. Hard BBQ attach to the floor to prevent it from accidental tipping. Do not forget about fire safety rules when you use the barbecue.