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How to build a house of laminated veneer lumber

The use of laminated veneer lumber in the construction of the house allows you to build not only a holiday, but also for permanent residence. Facilities of this material are highly durable and safe for health. To build a house of laminated veneer lumber, you need to properly perform all the steps.

How to build a house of laminated veneer lumber

You will need:

- glulam; - Fasteners; - The material for the foundation; - Insulation; - Waterproofing material; - Roofing material; - Wood for crates; - Pipes for utilities; - Material for electrical installations; - instruments; - stairs; - A stepladder.

Instruction how to build a house of laminated veneer lumber

Step 1:

Pick a project at home Consider the various options of houses of laminated veneer lumber. Stop your attention to the final draft, which takes into account as much as possible to your needs and financial capabilities. Take the necessary material for the construction site preparation and engage. To do this, you must clear the site for the future structure, to hold its alignment and make home layout borders.

Step 2:

Lay the foundations of buildings of laminated veneer lumber have a relatively low weight, and therefore allow the use of weakly deepened types of foundations: strip, pile and bored. To select a particular design, it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions of the terrain, the soil type and groundwater level. For example, peatlands and areas with a slope suitable pile foundation. This is the best option for buildings of this type, except that it is inexpensive and durable. Spend it waterproof - it will be protected from the effects of soil moisture.

Step 3:

Erect box construction made of special items, adjusted to each other. If your home is not one floor, interior walls collect from the same timber as the walls. Take care about insulation of joints and grooves - they need to lay the insulation, which protects building against the penetration of wind and cold. At the same time laying the walls perform the installation ground beams overlap and make floors. First, lay the black floor boards on it - sheets of insulation and a layer of parogidroizolyatsii. Flooring clean floor held after the completion of major assembly work.

Step 4:

Make the roof Upon reaching the desired height, close the box-beamed ceilings, and perform installation of the rafters. Protect from the cold attic space, putting it on the floor and rafter insulation - mineral wool. Close the roof truss.

Step 5:

Install engineering systems to provide comfort fit communications: water supply, heating, sewage. Use the modern metal-and plastic pipes - they ensure reliability in operation. Pay special attention to the power supply system. Route the wires in the ceiling in the corrugated metal hoses, walls and ceiling - plastic channels.

Step 6:

Spend the final works to lay finishing flooring, install windows and doors. Interior openings close in the last turn, so as not to damage the finish of the door leaf. Structures of laminated veneer lumber does not require the internal and external decoration. But you can use if you want to do any modern finishing material. Cover the surface with varnish - it effectively accentuate the texture of wood. At the end of the assembly house install wooden porch.