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How to build a house out of blocks of lightweight aggregate concrete

The desire to live in my house there is a lot of people. Today, the modern building houses being made of round or hewn logs, laminated veneer lumber, gas concrete, foam concrete, brick, expanded clay blocks, often erected houses of the Finnish technology - frame-panel method. Houses made of lightweight aggregate concrete units are reliable and low cost.

How to build a house out of blocks of lightweight aggregate concrete

Instruction how to build a house out of blocks of lightweight aggregate concrete

Step 1:

Draw a plan for the future house with distinct sizes. Without a detailed project construction of the house hard enough to keep from lightweight aggregate concrete blocks, especially after the construction of the foundation and construction of exterior walls.

Step 2:

Fill foundation. It is known that the construction of houses of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks begins with the foundation of the device. If you want to have in his home basement, the foundation required for the construction of concrete blocks. If not, it is sufficient to be a belt-type foundation.

Step 3:

Allow the foundation to stand. This is necessary to ensure that the shrinkage of the foundation was held. The minimum time for the shrinkage of the basement - 3 months. Often the walls of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks begin to build the foundation immediately after drying. In this case, we have to wait for the house to be completely shrunk to a fine finish.

Step 4:

Have walls with openings for windows. Building walls are best left to the professionals in this field. They will bring the walls of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks is geometrically correct. Lightweight aggregate blocks of different sizes and accuracy almost perfect shape. With proper installation of the lightweight aggregate concrete wall blocks are obtained straight and do not require a lot of effort to align.

Step 5:

Fill the base of the basement if you have one. Before the construction of the roof of the house should provide the air vents and the chimney. It must be built from red brick refractory. In the basement (or on the first floor, if there is no basement) under the chimney-flue reinforced base construction.

Step 6:

Erect walls. If the house is a two-story, some walls need to be built in the first place, because they will serve as a load-bearing wall. Supporting structures are always more than the thickness of conventional partitions.

Step 7:

Design a truss roof system. It must be built perfectly to the roof of the house is completely fulfilled its function. If you save money on the truss system in the house in the future may appear to flow or the roof would have to overlap.

Step 8:

Select the insulation and the roof to roof. The most popular type of insulation - mineral boards. For the most commonly used roofing metal tile, soft tile, ceramic tile.

Step 9:

Obsheyte wall on the outside of the house of lightweight aggregate concrete blocks siding with insulation or overlaid in red facing bricks. An alternative would be the application of decorative plaster. The house will warm.