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How to build a house with basement

For many, the ground floor is the epitome of the perfect design of the foundation. First, the ground floor is different endurance and resistance design: as a rule, it is made of reinforced concrete slabs, used for the foundation. Second, the foundation of a basement provides additional space (you can place a gym, a laundry room or use it for other purposes). And besides, the house with a basement foundation looks respectable.

How to build a house with basement

You will need:

- house project with a ground floor; - Instrumentation; - A shovel; - Concrete mixer; - Water; - Sand; - Cement; - Fittings; - Foundation blocks; - Stone or plate; - Beams - the insulation material; - Roofing material; - window; - Doors; - Materials for internal and external finishing works; - Building tools.

Instruction how to build a house with basement

Step 1:

Determine the quality of the soil on which it is planned construction of a house. To do this, dig a deep trench cut and explore the land. "Good" light soil. It is a sand without large "veins" of clay. Of this land there is little blind.

Step 2:

If the soil in the area was good, then dig a trench under house depth of one meter. Then go to the device foundation of the house, which is a thick screed. The thickness of this structural element depends on the weight of the building: for example, if a two-storey house is planned to build a basement, the base thickness is equal to ten centimeters. But then again, to say unequivocally that the screed must be 10 centimeters, can not be, because the thickness of the base affects also the quality of the soil: if the soil of low compressibility, under the walls of the ground floor can be filled "pillows". In short, each individual case is different. After finally determined the thickness of the base, fill screed.

Step 3:

Along the perimeter of the future house, where the planned construction of the load-bearing walls, lay the foundation blocks: they must fit tightly to one another. Leaves a hole for the pipe, wiring and windows. Fasten together the foundation blocks with cement mortar. The height of the structure to be more than a meter (if built two-storey house, the best height of the ground floor above ground level to make 2-2.5 meters).

Step 4:

Above the ground floor set-reinforced belt. To do this, tie rebar, reinforce it in the structure of the building and fill with concrete.

Step 5:

From stone slabs or walls erected. Then shut off the plates the first floor. Set on this overlapping beams that cover the steam and waterproofing layers and roofing material.

Step 6:

Move to the home gas, electricity and water.

Step 7:

Complete the installation of windows and doors, as well as internal and external finishes of the house.