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How to build a mattress

It is difficult to overestimate this convenient a thing as an inflatable mattress. This outdoor recreation, and in the summer on the beach, and a way out, when they come numerous relatives, as well as a boon for small apartments. Well, to a mattress for a long time served to you without any problems, you just have to follow some rules when it is inflated.

How to build a mattress

Instruction how to pump up mattress

Step 1:

Try to buy an electric pump of the same firm as the mattress. This is a very convenient option as it allows inflating mattress and blow away in a few minutes. In the kit is often included as attachments, adapters suitable for all inflatable products of the same brand.

Step 2:

Never use it to deliver the mattress, that is, do not fill it to half-elastic state. If there is a built-in electric pump before using the reset bit of pressure. Before shutting down, make sure that air mattress filling is completed.

Step 3:

If the mattress does not have built-in, then the pump can be purchased separately or included in the pump package and operates from a network, as well as foot, electric, working even from the car "cigarette lighter" pump or, in extreme cases, cycling. Always check the pump level of the mattress to the touch. The greater the weight of the person who will sleep on it, the less inflate your mattress. For optimal use fill it with air only by 80-85%. To prevent rupture, do not use a compressor to inflate car, or any other high-pressure pump.

Step 4:

Before you spread out a mattress on the floor or in a tent, to pump it, make sure that the surface is smooth and does not contain any sharp objects. In no case do not unpack the mattress near an open flame or very close to the heater. Inflate mattress until it folds disappear and it becomes elastic to the touch. Pumping is fraught with the fact that through the valve will always leave the air, as the valves are equipped with a control function. In any case, air mattresses required to pump periodically.