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How to build a sauna from a bar

Building its own bath is complex and time-consuming. If you are confident in their abilities, you will get not only the desired utility building, but also a rewarding experience.

How to build a sauna from a bar

Instruction how to assemble the sauna from a bar

Step 1:

Collect frame, zapilivaya corners on both sides of each crown, it is necessary to prevent the curvature of the box when dry. Washed down the inside of the timber would be the best option, such an assembly is considered to be more reliable. Use the nails or wooden pins - both options allow to collect the same log-in high-quality box.

Step 2:

Do not make a tight fit boards, free space is filled with insulation, use tow. Close the seal strips, log will look aesthetically pleasing.

Step 3:

Consider the size of the nail, it should be 250 mm. Drive the nails so that the hat was deeply "drowned", at least 3 cm. You can even take a drill and drill holes of the desired size. Ready frame dries depending on the humidity of the material used, the nails are not recessed squeeze timber are formed too big gap.

Step 4:

If you choose to use wooden pins, you will need a powerful drill and special drill. Drill a hole so that it was formed on two consecutive crowns. Nagel should be larger than the hole. Wooden pins holding frame tougher than nails. Use a circular rack of high-quality trees, such as oak, fir, pine. Do not take Nagel of birch or aspen, these breeds are most susceptible to rotting.

Step 5:

One of the important stages of work - is the installation of doors and windows. Consider shrinkage log, especially if you decide to spend this work immediately after the assembly of the box. Do not attach the windows and doors tightly, leave gaps. Not sheathed with a fresh frame inside, it will affect the process of "shrinkage".

Step 6:

Leave the frame without a roof, windows and doors for a year. Do not forget to treat it with an antiseptic. Pay particular attention to the lower crowns, they are most susceptible to rotting.