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How to build a sauna in the home

If you have the desire and time, with some effort, you can build your own bath. In any country site, this building must be present. To work need good materials and tools.

How to build a sauna in the home

Instruction how to build a bath on its own

Step 1:

To start enjoy a construction of the foundation. If your site is dry, smooth and firm ground, that as a foundation, you can use the flat stones. They lay the lower crowns or bars. Note boards for baths should be pre-treated with antiseptic. It is also recommended to smear them with hot bitumen. The stones lay at the corners of the bath in the places where it will be connected by internal and external walls. Free space that is left between the stones fill with clay. You can also put stones continuous ribbon. Top must be a waterproofing layer.

Step 2:

You can make a pier foundation for a bath. Running he made of stone, brick and concrete. If possible, use ready-made concrete pillars or asbestos cement pipes. They have to be filled with concrete. Some people use in the construction of such a foundation of wooden poles. Keep in mind they are very short-lived. The longest will serve oak poles. Between them lay a wall of bricks. Make bulk and wall of gravel, slate or adobe.

Step 3:

Then you can proceed to the construction of the walls. It is recommended to use logs and timber for this purpose. The tree will be good to keep warm and to give it. During the construction of baths from the logs make the salary of thicker logs. For sure it lay a layer of waterproofing. The lower side of the salary treat with antiseptic and cover with a waterproof mastic.

Step 4:

If the frame you will make out of logs, it is best to do the corners "in the cup." The ends should not extend beyond the walls. It will be protected from wind and rain. The most cost-effective and simple connection is a tongue end. On one side of the log need to make the groove, and on the other end of the log - spike. Each timber should have a groove on the lower side. It is necessary to lay them on the log surface of the other timber.