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How to build a summer terrace

With the construction of the house is better to take into account the presence of the verandah in advance to its base is integral with the structure of the foundation. However, even if the house was built without a veranda, you can attach the mechanical or along the main facade of the house.

How to build a summer terrace

You will need:

- brick - sand - gravel - asphalt - concrete - boards - wooden beams - roofing material - nails - clips - wooden spikes

Instruction how to build a summer terrace

Step 1:

Supports for the frame will pier foundation of brick. Mark the place of the future location of the foundation pillars at each corner frame counter. When a significant length veranda add 1-2 intermediate poles. Dig a pit depth of 1m. The bottom 20 cm of sand fill. If the soil is sandy, 10 cm pour deepening rubble or gravel and spill hot bitumen.

Step 2:

Make a concrete base thickness of 15 cm. The upper section while it should be strictly horizontal. When the concrete hardens, lay foundation brick pillar. Make it such a height that the floor of the porch was at 0.3 m below the floor of your home. It will be under the roof overhang extension roof.

Step 3:

Now spread bitumen poles ready and lay the inner cavity of gravel or broken brick. Arrange Zabirko of wood, brick or plate materials between the columnar supports. Its outer surface must be mono-pattern.

Step 4:

For the frame construction using logs with a diameter up to 12cm or bars with a cross section 12h8sm, 10h10mm. Place the pillars on the sill. Make it a double, bumping logs, which will lay the floor. Also in the lower harness embed racks on the thorns. Fasten with nails and spikes strengthen each with two brackets.

Step 5:

On the racks, set top piping, roof timbers. Connect the top end of the rafters to run (horizontal beam), passing under the roof slope and pre-connected to the frame uprights. For connection, use anchor bolts. The beams, which are based on the rafters, must be firmly attached to the wall and placed at a distance under the overhang of the roof at home to her tightly stykovyvalas roof of the veranda.

Step 6:

The roof of the porch do tend pent or flatter than the roof of the house. Lay it on the sheathing of the edging boards horizontally stacked or closely spaced, depending on the roofing materials. Attach the decking to the boards, pushing it in their nail heads. Roll materials fix rails. 10cm Fold the material along the bottom of the roof under the shear crate and secure Tolev nails.

Step 7:

When the device single plank floor wooden boards on the joists, embedded between the crowns of the sill. Antiseptic and cover with painted floorboards and joists.