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How to Build a Village

Construction of cottage settlement can be a very profitable economic project, if necessary to comply with a number of conditions. How to correctly calculate the construction and start building profitable?

How to Build a Village

Instruction how to build a village

Step 1:

The first stage - the planning stage. Spend a macroeconomic study, study of the landscape, the chosen under construction, the possibility of access roads and the availability of all necessary communications.

Step 2:

Analyze consumer demand. Find out what kind of houses today are very popular, the material from which it is better to build, what size should be adjacent areas. Also find out what infrastructure will be needed to build the village, so that consumers in no shortage.

Step 3:

Consider the construction time. This is a very important aspect of the work, because what is most in demand at the moment, can be irrelevant in a few years. Reach to the analysis of experts, which will help to calculate the optimum time and the pace of construction.

Step 4:

Make a master plan. It should reflect the number of buildings, their location, area, access roads and infrastructure. The plan is built according to the estimated future tenants category as elite buildings differs considerably from the budget. The plan should also reflect the presence of children's playgrounds, green areas, sports fields and other non-residential facilities. Calculate the approximate cost of constructed buildings and flip it in the business plan.

Step 5:

Choose the right construction company, which it will be possible to entrust the construction of the village, and make a contract for a certain amount of work. Monitor the progress of construction and adherence to deadlines. Remember that by the construction company of good faith the quality of work will depend on, and hence the reputation of your future, so the choice of workers should be approached with great responsibility.

Step 6:

Connect settlement construction to communications, swipe built estate advertising campaign. Gradually, the village is filled with people, and you can get a considerable profit, which should cover all costs. prospective buyers can attract funds at the beginning of development, placing ads on the possibility of investments in buildings under construction.