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How to build a wooden boat

In preparation for the fishing season, you have to think not only about the fishing rod and gear, and the vehicle. If you do not have a boat and want to spend any more money on it, too, build it yourself. The easiest option will cost you a tube of glue and a few fanerok.

How to build a wooden boat

Instruction how to build a wooden boat

Step 1:

Draw a frame of your boat. Decide on how many seats it will be and how they will be placed back, depending on your height and leg length. Be careful not to compress the boat. Remember that whether you are comfortable to sit in the boat, will also depend on the pleasure derived from the most catching.

Step 2:

Go for the materials. You can use an old board, such as a cabinet or other furniture, but it is best to buy a specialized light wood material, specially processed to interact with water. Consult your dealer about a suitable timber to you, as well as buy a sealant for sealing cracks and glue.

Step 3:

Use is adhesive rather than other fastening tools. Nails and screws in the frame create extra boat cracks and holes. The smaller of these is available in your design, the longer it will last you. Do not believe in adhesive unreliability. If you buy a quality product, after gluing broken tree sized site will be very difficult.

Step 4:

Start the assembly with the housing. Connect together the bottom two boards, and after the glue dries, attach the next layer to get the size you want. To boards abut each other, treat clutch space plane. To avoid sharp corners, after work and walk to the back of the plane.

Step 5:

Seal fanerok docking space for greater reliability. The appearance will be a little spoiled, but any water will no longer be a threat to your vessel. The inside of the boat is also possible to seal the thin plywood sheets or stretched fabric.

Step 6:

Install the seat. To do this, first glue the support portion, and then install the seat itself. If the support is a bit sticks out, it can be neatly sawed down to size.

Step 7:

Make wood residues small nest for fun and hook on the ropes for the stern. And your boat ready!