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How to build a wooden toilet

No toilet in the country can not do. But what if you can not afford to hire a team of professionals? It is possible to manage on their own. It needs only patience, minimal carpentry skills, quality materials and a simple set of tools.

How to build a wooden toilet

You will need:

- timber size 100x100; - Beams 50x50; - Plywood or particle board; - Slate; - Foam sheet; - Screwdriver or screwdriver; - Hacksaw; - Plane; - a hammer; - Nails; - Screws.

Instruction how to build a wooden toilet

Step 1:

Before beginning excavation decide how the toilet is cleaned. If you are going to pump out the vacuum machine, do cesspool as far as possible. If you plan to clean up on their own, you do not need to do a deep hole. This Dig the rear of the small trench, through which you'll be in the cleaning process to get to the pits. During operation, the trench toilets close the old iron sheets, boards, etc.

Step 2:

Think about what size is your building. Recommended parameters suburban toilets are as follows: width - about 100 cm length - about 150 cm, height - 210 cm is best to adhere to this size..

Step 3:

To impart stability of the structure it should be well recessed in the ground. To do this, you need to drive a pile length of 90-100 cm from four sides. For durability, these bearings is better to impregnate with a solution or a water-repellent prosmolit, then they do not rot for longer.

Step 4:

Take the wooden beams 100x100. Saw it at the size you want and sew the frame, connecting vpoldereva 50x50. If necessary, sand the joints and remove unevenness.

Step 5:

Then take a 50x50 board for the manufacture of seating. At a height of 50 cm from the floor embed them into a carrier board. Make bridge of the same material at a distance of about 100 cm in length, from the rear wall. And the same jumper, attach to the back wall. Thus will the basis for the seat.

Step 6:

Take a sheet of thick plywood or particle board. From it cut a hole to fit the size of the toilet seat. With ordinary screwdriver or screwdriver, attach the sheet.

Step 7:

Obsheyte plywood wall closet, chipboard or boards. To make a roof, cut a cross beams and attach them to the walls. The roof can be covered with a variety of materials: galvanized iron, slate wave, even roofing felt. Now we have to make a door, hang it, and the toilet is ready.