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How to build an attic floor

Construction of the attic, the mansard floor there are, according to experts, it is the most appropriate and beneficial way to increase the living space building. Currently, homes with a loft are the most common objects in the new cottage villages.

How to build an attic floor

Instruction how to build an attic floor

Step 1:

If built attic, it is assumed that there is a building permit and the first floor of the house has already been built. For the construction of the attic in the first place need to decide what it will be: insulated or cold, heated or unheated. Also, decide what should be the mansard floor area.

Step 2:

Then you want to sketch or technical design of the attic, to understand all the features of construction: the presence of additional load-bearing walls, window openings, the view of the roof unit, the nature of the roofing material. The construction of the attic can be done in different ways: increasing the height of the second floor walls of the house at least 1.2 meters or by a special unit of the roof.

Step 3:

This is followed to calculate the amount required for the construction material. Commonly used in the construction of the attic the same materials as in the construction of the first floors (wood, stone, block, brick). If built attic for seasonal use, you can do it the erection of other materials, such as more fuel-efficient. In the latter case the tree is most commonly used because it blends well with other types of wall materials.

Step 4:

The practical part of the work on the construction of the walls and roof of the attic is possible to entrust the construction company or a team, but you can do most of the work. Construction of the attic walls is performed after installation of ceiling and carried out by the rules of civil and sanitary provisions.

Step 5:

Thermal insulation of walls and roofs. If you build a loft for permanent residence, its walls and roof should be warmed to the individual calculations, taking into account the thickness of the walls and the type of wall material, the characteristics of the climatic zone. If you build a loft for summer residence, this step is skipped.

Step 6:

The last step in the construction of the attic - a communications wiring, plumbing equipment, heating and electricity. As well as the fine finish of the attic space.