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How to build obuvnitsu

Pedestals for shoes or sometimes called obuvnitsey Shoe cabinet. It takes up little space in the hallway, saves space, and the shoes it is very convenient to store. In such a bedside table can accommodate both summer shoes and winter boots like. The mechanism of tables is that inside her shoes is the horizontal angle. Obuvnitsy height and width depending on the number of shoes, the available storage space. If you bought obuvnitsu without assembly, do not worry, it is easy to assemble by yourself.

How to build obuvnitsu

You will need:

screwdriver, set of bits, drills and screwdrivers, hammer, tape measure, level

Instruction how to assemble obuvnitsu

Step 1:

If possible, store the sample consider the exhibition tables, look inside and check the mounting parts, installation hinge on obuvnitsy doors. Ask the collector of furniture (which has been in the shop) of the nuances of the assembly. Carefully open the package not to damage the furniture. Do not rush to dispose of it at once, if the marriage is found, it can serve as a valid argument.

Step 2:

When unpacked the box, check the delivery note that all details you need delivered, whether defects. Do not forget about accessories. It is advisable to do it in the presence of the forwarding agent. This procedure Treat carefully, otherwise, then the seller will be difficult to prove that the marriage is found not your fault.

Step 3:

Prepare a cordless screwdriver, a set of bits, drills and screwdrivers, hammer, tape measure, level. With these tools assembling furniture will be faster and more convenient. To assemble the cabinets will need some time, so plan your day in advance, so as not to do anything in a hurry and prepare a place for assembly. Skilled craftsmen say that big things well to collect on the floor, and small desk. Think about how to protect the walls and floor to avoid being scratched during assembly tables.

Step 4:

Carefully read the assembly diagram. Typically, instructions are inside the packaging. Generally, any enclosure assembly do in horizontal position. To protect the flooring, place cardboard on the floor. Lay out the basic details. Assemble of the body panels. To assemble the furniture is usually used for chipboard screws. The opening of furniture for them is usually made in advance. Align the enclosure on a level, make sure that it does not hang out, tighten the bolts. After tightening, the head screws, close the bezel blank. Collect boxes.

Step 5:

Small nail nail back wall cabinets, and the last to set the loop or roller guides. In fact, self-assemble furniture is not such a difficult thing. You just need to show the accuracy and patience.