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How to build the interior perspective

Not very large rooms require special interior solutions. To visually enlarge the area of ​​the room you need to build a prospect via decor and furniture.

How to build the interior perspective

Instruction how to build a prospect in the interior

Step 1:

Properly constructed perspective in the interior will help to visually enlarge the room area. To the room seemed longer put to the fore the major things - chairs, table, sofa. Behind them, place a small household items - lamps, TV, coffee table, etc.

Step 2:

Another way to build a future - use the ceiling space. Ensured this by using color schemes. Part of the ceiling, which is located above the entrance to the room, covered with a dark paint. The tone becomes lighter on the opposite wall. On the ceiling with the help of liquid nails attached longitudinal rails. They further extend the space. If the room you need, on the contrary, to extend, paste cross rails.

Step 3:

Particular attention should be paid to the prospects of creating a window decoration. Curtains, especially dark, it is better not to use. Hang transparent tulle or do not hang the window openings.

Step 4:

Create visibility through the premises will help the decoration of the wall opposite the door. Draw on it a window or another door. The space behind them, too, can beat, depicting a garden, a forest or a mountain river. If artists in the family there, pick up beautiful wallpapers. They are able to dramatically change the look of the room.

Step 5:

Lighting plays a huge role in creating the future. To increase the space, place the wall opposite the entrance, a small night light. He will light interior, located away from the door. All logged-it would seem that the room is long, and the wall opposite the very far. This method is suitable if you need room to expand. Then the little lamp hung on a side wall. The opposite is not lit and the newcomer can not see how close it is from the lamp.

Step 6:

Create perspective and help flooring. Choose flooring or laminate of different sizes. Near the entrance Lay extensive details closer to the opposite wall - small.