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How to build the oven

If you're a foodie and love to eat, the oven you just need. It can be baked potatoes, meat, fish and, of course, duck with apples. Oven with the skillful use can turn the simplest foods into a delicacy. But what if you only know how to cook, but do not set the oven?

How to build the oven

Instruction how to embed oven

Step 1:

You can embed the oven in the kitchen wall, which has under its special mounting stand. You can make your own wardrobe for such a stand. First, configure it. Find out beforehand the size of the oven, which will be installed.

Step 2:

Measure the dimensions of the embedded equipment, or read the instructions for it. Such manuals usually shows all parameters of the goods. The oven should be free to enter into the cabinet. Accordingly, it and design.

Step 3:

Typically, the height of ovens ranges from 55 to 60 centimeters, but it can be found and more compact models -. Their height 40-45 cm double ovens have a height of about 90 cm They are complemented by the hob.. Built-in ovens to produce two types of kitchen cabinets width of 60 cm and 90 cm. The depth of the majority of the models is 50-55 cm.

Step 4:

Install the oven so that after him was pure wall. There should be no outlets and conduits. They can interfere with equipment at depth stand.

Step 5:

If you are a Master cabinet oven, countertop mount the box on the overlap - front 40 mm, rear - 100 mm. Use of these parameters provided that it is a standard 600 mm wide.

Step 6:

Do the overall width of 600 mm box size. The height of the box itself under the oven do the same size and depth should be 460 mm.

Step 7:

If the project has a cabinet bracket, attach it in the middle of the barrel. Put it down, relative to the upper face of the side panel, one centimeter. Only then you will be able to build in the hob in the worktop.

Step 8:

If you use a table-top 28 mm thick, most cooking surfaces do not fit into these size. Lower the bar cabinet and stove normally fall into place.

Step 9:

When installing ensure protection against contact with parts of the oven, which are under stress.

Step 10:

If the oven is not connected to the mains via a plug, set by the power supply cut-out device, which opens all poles.