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How to calculate the ceiling

Today, suspended ceilings are an easy and convenient way of registration of premises. The materials from which they are made, allow to provide a partial soundproofing, ventilation and fire safety. The calculation of the ceiling in a room of regular geometric shape is easy to produce. To do this, you need to know only applied in this case, the coefficients for the used items.

How to calculate the ceiling

You will need:

- guides 3700 mm, 1200 mm, 600 mm; - Ceiling plate 600 mm x 600 mm; - Suspensions.

Instruction how to calculate the ceiling

Step 1:

Calculate suspended ceiling mountings, given five times the design load. The allowable deflection should not exceed 1/250 of the span. Also keep in mind that between the base and suspended ceilings must be space for natural ventilation, the design should enable the care of electrical equipment and provide access to hidden communication. One of the most popular options is considered the ceiling cassette, which consists of panels that fit into the mounting frame. Standard size elements - 600x600, 600h100, 1200x1200 and 1200x600 mm.

Step 2:

Measure the room. Follow the drawing area of ​​the ceiling, according to the received size. Best of all, when the ceiling is closed maximum possible number of whole plates, and only if necessary, these elements are cut and put in a less prominent position. But, keep in mind that the near-wall plates have certain restrictions. The minimum width is 300 mm. If the guide length of 3.7 m and 0.6 m, then they apply a rate of 0.84 per 1 m2 of the ceiling. To - 1.2 m it will be 1.68 to 1 m2. Corner 3 m in length should be taken, taking into account the factor of 0.5 to 1 m 2, the same factor apply to suspensions.

Step 3:

Calculate the number of panels, using the drawing of the ceiling. For a rectangular space, whose size is 3x5 meters, he bude so. Calculate the perimeter (3 + 5) x2 = 16 m, the area will be 3x5 = 15 m2. Considering factors guiding the major length of 3.7 m need to be: 15 x 0.84 = 12.6 m, 1.2 guides m - 15 x 1.68 = 25.2 m, 0.6 guides m - 12.6 m. In fact long rails need to buy 4 pieces, 1200 mm - 18 pcs., and 600 mm -. 26 pcs. Determine the number of whole plates in the drawing, then plates with trimming. As a result, the total number of plates is equal to 42 pieces.

Step 4:

Calculate the angular profile. This phase of work is the most important. Calculate it the easiest on the perimeter. In this case it is necessary 16m profile. Its standard length is 4 m, then you need: 16: 4 = 4 pcs. Slides are in packages, their number depending on the length. For example, 3700 mm - pack of 25 pcs .; 600 mm - 75 pcs. Perimeter edge 3000 mm - 30 pcs. However, retail all items can be purchased individually.