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How to calculate the forced ventilation

The purpose of installing ventilation systems is to ensure the supply of fresh outside air into the room. Ventilation systems are used in almost all industrial and office premises. In residential areas use them relevant in the event that a natural ventilation system does not provide the necessary air flow.

How to calculate the forced ventilation

Instruction how to calculate the forced ventilation

Step 1:

Calculate the performance of ventilation systems in the air, ie, the amount of air that must be pumped through the room for one hour. To do this, measure all of your space and calculate their volume (these data can be obtained from the technical documentation of the building). Determine the purpose of the premises. Using snip, install the necessary ventilation rate, ie, the number of complete air change per hour for your premises. Be aware that the multiplicity of strongly depends on the destination premises, so in a residential area, it is 1, 2-3 in the office, in production greater than 5. Calculate the performance vozuhoobmena multiplicity by multiplying the amount of space on a set number of air in it.

Step 2:

Find out how many people are on the plan will be in place. In accordance with the norms of air flow per person, which also sets SNIP depending on the type of rooms and type of work, determine the desired performance of the system by the number of people by multiplying the number of people on the air flow rate per person.

Step 3:

Of the two values ​​obtained, the performance on the ventilation rate and performance on the number of people who choose more. This value is the required output of the air system. Using it, pick up the fan specifications which will create the necessary air flow. Consider the fact that the fan performance may be reduced depending on the length of the air guide network.

Step 4:

In cold climates ventilation system equipped with heater, which heats the incoming air to a suitable temperature, regulated SNIP. So much for the central part of Russia it has to heat the air until at least + 18 ° C, minimum outside temperature -26 ° C, ie, the overall heating of the air should reach 44 ° C. The values ​​of these temperatures will vary depending on climate zone, they can be found in reference books. In order to find out whether the heater is able to heat the air at a given number of degrees, it is necessary to divide the power of the heater as specified in the technical documentation to it, on the pre-calculated fan performance and multiply the result by 2.98. If the temperature value obtained satisfies snip, then the heater is suitable for use in your case.