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How to calculate the radiators

Comfortable room temperature is largely achieved your goal of total power radiator sections. Regardless of the type of radiators, their main characteristic is a power. Based on the size of the battery is selected from this indicator. There are several options how to determine the number of sections, you can contact the experts of Heating, and can do the calculation yourself. This will require a few simple measurements and apply ratios, which are calculated based on their specific conditions.

How to calculate the radiators

You will need:

1. Roulette; 2. calculator.

Instruction how to calculate the radiators

Step 1:

Determine the floor area in square meters. To do this, multiply the length by the width of the room. All measurements are made in meters. To measure the accuracy of the calculations and the height of the ceiling. After obtaining the necessary mark all numbers that affects the heat loss - the number of doors and windows, the location of the apartments, winter ambient temperature. You also need to find out the temperature of the coolant.

Step 2:

You choose the type of heating radiators and figure out the power of a single section. To determine the number of sections take the average standard value for the average climatic bands of 1000 watts per 1 sq.m. This indicator is designed for rooms with a ceiling height of 3m, one wooden window and one door at a coolant temperature of 70 degrees. The resulting figure of adapting to the specific conditions.

Step 3:

Odds increase the power applied in the following cases: 1. If the apartment is a corner or in the room of 2 or more windows, the coefficient of 1.8 is added. 2. When the ceiling above 3 m power is increased by a factor equal to the ratio of height to the actual normative. For example, amount to 1.16 (3.5: 3 = 1.16) with a ceiling height of 3.5 m ratio. 3. For coolant temperatures below 10 degrees degrees for every add about 17%. 4. If you are connecting the lower radiator (hot water flows from the bottom), enter an additional multiplying factor - an average of 8%. 5. At lower values ​​of winter temperatures the number of sections is increased from 1.5 to 2 times.

Step 4:

The coefficients derating apply: 1. If you have plastic double-glazed windows - up to 20%. 2. When the ceiling height of less than 3 m. The reduction factor is calculated as well as increase. 3. At a higher temperature coolant every 10 degrees save 15-17% capacity.

Step 5:

The resulting figure divide by the power of the radiator and getting the right amount of sections. If the connection is lower radiator (hot water flows from the bottom), then enter an additional multiplying factor - an average of 8%. In any case, if the supply (input-output) coolant is on the one hand, the installation of more than 10 sections of the radiator will not bring additional heat due to poor warm-distant sections.