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How to call a plumber

To change plumbing or repair leaky faucet, you need to call a plumber (in other words, this profession is called a plumber). Only a specialist can guarantee the reliability and security of all connections, gather and set things right.

How to call a plumber

Instruction how to call the plumber

Step 1:

Traditional call plumber from housing department, Deza, RG or other management organization remains relevant for this call to the control room and make a request. Phone Number Look in the payment for an apartment. Within a few days you receive a call, if possible, arrange the most convenient time for you, of course, in the middle of the working week and working hours).

Step 2:

Note that the majority of services provided by the ZhEKom, paid. For example, repair of pipes, valves within the apartment is carried out according to the price list, and battery repair if they are "native", made by the managing organization. To clarify certain issues, read the Housing Code and the Rules of the contents of the common property in an apartment building, adopted by the Government.

Step 3:

Note the great advantage of plumbing from Housing that he has the ability to cut off the water at the entrance of all, that sometimes it is necessary for the repair of input gates on the main riser. If the repair is sufficient to block the water directly in the apartment - you can call any expert or even try to do on their own.

Step 4:

If you do not trust the housing department workers, believing that they are doing their job well enough, contact a specialized company that provides similar services. Most likely, their services are more expensive, but a large company will give a guarantee on their work, and in the case of an emergency specialist free eliminate all faults (if the contract so provides).

Step 5:

If you need the services of a plumber regularly and preferably inexpensive, look for the right person among friends or on your ad. In order not to engage in the search for every time the crane will begin to flow, be sure to check with his name and phone number, of course, if the result of the first operation gave you. The great advantage of private masters is that they work in the evenings, weekends and, in addition, they are interested to do it as fast as possible.