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How to change the wiring

Poor wiring in the house can cause a lot of trouble, including a fire in the house. Sometimes the failure of the electrical wiring related to its wear and tear, often the cause of failure is improper installation of electrical network inside apartment. In any case, you should pay close attention to the repair of apartments wiring. The main requirement for the wiring in the living room - to be reliable and to ensure the safe handling of electricity.

How to change the wiring

You will need:

Hammer, electric wires, screwdriver, wire cutters, pliers, mortar, plaster

Instruction how to change wiring

Step 1:

Perform wiring to perform painting and plastering work, replacement of heating pipes and radiators. First, mount the harness, and only then install sockets and switches.

Step 2:

Determine whether you will change the wiring completely or only partially. If the repair is planned to change the location of lighting fixtures and appliances to add new wiring or move the old, it is advisable to change it all completely. This will avoid a lot of unnecessary wire connections.

Step 3:

To repair the wiring while not remain without electricity, wires connect the mounting box so that the light was turned on all the time. The total light is switched on and off using the machine at the distribution board. Install one triple outlet for plug extension cords.

Step 4:

Fit the new wiring so that all wiring connections are in the installation boxes of switches. Status of such compounds can always check. One embodiment of socket apparatus is to make no connection (which are often the cause of faults), and to put the flap on several separate cables to get rid of the plurality of branches. The second option - to lay on the flap of a large section of the cable, and make bends in distribution boxes for individual outlets from him. However, such wiring is less reliable.

Step 5:

If you plan to make a hidden wiring, recessed into the wall in advance, do the walls of recesses for sockets and switches, and for field wiring - the special grooves. To carry out these works need to punch. Wires lay in the groove and fix them with plaster. After that, the groove seal the grout and zashpaklyuyte.

Step 6:

Allow to completely replace the wiring in the apartment for at least one and a half to two weeks. Possible replacement of wiring parts, for each room individually, and then finishing work.